Functionary 2019

Functionary at WisCon 2019

We are happy you want to join us in creating WisCon 2019! Read the information on this page carefully and then register via the Functionary-form! If you are not already a member of the Östans Shadows gaming association – who organizes WisCon – then use the association’s online registration. Membership is free for those under 25, otherwise it costs 50 SEK / year.


Questions or thoughts? Email us at or use our Contact-form

What does a functionary do?

As a functionary, you help at the convention based on instructions from the staff. It is important that you arrive on time and if you become ill or anything else happens so you cant make it, you must notify the staff immediately.

We primarily need entrance hosts and functionaries who help to set up and keep order – before, during and after the convention – but also service-oriented staff at our café.

You specify in the notification which days and times you can and want to work.

Reward system

Being a functionary at a convention is very special! All functionaries who have not been with us before will receive a WisCon T-shirt, if you have been with us in the past, we hope you have your T-shirt left as we start to run out. When you have worked there is free food and in addition we have a reward system that is based on the number of hours you help out.

We are looking for functionaries in the following areas:

  • Preparations before the Convention (Friday 15:00 – 18:00)
    To help arrange and set the rooms in order.
  • Admission Host
    To sit in the entrance, where you count in and out all visitors and register new members.
  • All-in-all
    Furnishing during the event, cleaning matters, running errands, etc. Play games with visitors, help visitors with rules and be generally positive.
  • Café Personal
    Organize and arrange the café. Prepare and serve staff food. Managing sales and cash in the café.
  • Cleaning and resetting (Sunday at 18:00 – 21:00)
    Reset the house to its original layout. Clean, throw garbage and make sure the rooms are in the same condition as when we arrived. Carry up the association’s games and other things to the association room. Join the loot!

Information meeting

On Thursday October 1, WisCon functionaries and staff meet at Fenix ​​Ungkulturhus to review work tasks, schedule, general rules of conduct and safety regulations for the convention. Free coffee!

We appreciate if you prioritize this meeting as we know that there is no time to go through all details with each individual functionary during the convention and that the time on Friday (15 – 18) is needed to arrange all the rooms and prepare everything.

Sign up as a functionary!

WisCon is organized by the gaming association Östans Skuggor in collaboration with Studiefrämjandet Gotland.